Why is drawing important? – Drawing Pictures

I believe it is what makes life interesting. It’s what creates the world that we know.

– The most difficult thing for a magician is a person with a huge amount of money, especially an English magician. English magician will be amazed if some American comes and says, “There you go, you know the most important thing to learn!” You’ve become a target.

– My first job was at a toy store called The Faun. One day I looked in the refrigerator and I saw that there was a chocolate fountain with one of the guys in it. He was standing in front of the fountain eating the candy. As I approached I grabbed his hand and asked what he was doing there. Instead of explaining the whole thing I just yelled, “Who wants a chocolate fountain?” and the old guy took a chocolate fountain.
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– There are a lot of books for magicians who do magic like David Copperfield and other people. I don’t like such books. I want to be able to teach people how to act, talk and sing magic, because I love doing that, and also there is no way we can explain what we do in such a book. How do I teach someone how to sit on a chair while waving his hands like a magician? I cannot do that in a book. So I can only be a magician.

– It’s hard to make money. The business is very new but there is a place you can go and work and keep doing it full time. Just like any other profession there is something about magic, it gives it a real edge, that it is different. If you can learn the basics of magick, you can start being a professional magician. But it depends on how much time you have and the ability to get by on a part-time basis.

– You are a man with an amazing memory and you think to yourself, how can I remember your name? So I have to think of something that sounds right. In English there are several ways we can say a man’s name, but the way we say it in Magic is “O’Brien” or “Cooper”. So I thought, “Oh, that sounds right”. If you remember a name after that then it can be easy for you to name me after that, and for you I know it sounds right. But when you know how to say what name to call someone, or when you know how to make an adress sound right, then you can name me after all. You

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