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Because drawing helps you realize the world in a non-verbal way. That means you will be able to convey emotion and thoughts in a way that will inspire you to do more. This is crucial if your main concern is with making the world a better place. If you take it too seriously, you can be tempted to over-react in some way, causing you to lose your edge.

Drawing also provides the ability to remember. If you do it long enough, it may just develop a habit of remembering things. This will take some practice, however. Some of the best things I’ve learned from drawing are:

(JTA) — With her arms wide and her head pressed into her chest, a woman at a bus stop in New Jersey cried with tears in her eyes. The driver, who had stopped to let her off at a stoplight, had just passed her a note announcing a bus would pick her up.

But a day later, the woman was still angry. “Thank you for stopping by my stop,” she wrote. “I’m a very unhappy Jewish woman.”

The woman, identified only as Lourdes, told The Washington Post by phone on Thursday that she had been traveling with her husband for the past month and a half, and that they had planned the ride as part of their holiday shopping this past week in the Twin Cities, a major regional hub.
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The woman, who lives in New Jersey, said that she had no idea at the time that the stop sign did not read Park Avenue and that the bus would actually run on the eastbound lanes of Park Avenue. “I just thought it was a bus stop,” she said in Spanish and English. “I thought it would be more like a bus station.”

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After reading the note on the train and then on the bus driver’s hand, Lourdes said she decided to write the note herself, rather than to wait for someone to call police after she had boarded the bus.

“This has happened to me. It never occurs to me that I couldn’t have handled it differently. When you make a mistake, you learn, and what I

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