Why is drawing important? – Colored Pencil Drawing Techniques Youtube Mp3

Not drawing is the one constant that I want you to understand. When you do your practice you should be drawing as if you are reading a novel. You are not supposed to look into the eyes, but at the book or in the eyes of the character. You are going to be drawing in this way without looking directly at the person.

One of the difficulties that people have is that they just put it down, and it doesn’t fit. I’ve never met a person who could do that. The only time you could do this is if the person is looking you, and you have to say, “Don’t look at me! Keep your head back! Keep your face still! Do you see his eyes? Is he looking at me?” You have to keep your head down as if he’s looking at you, because if you look, then he can see what you see. Drawers will look at the book to do it.

Are there different styles of drawing?

There could be some styles but it does not matter too much. We can do it any way or whatever we want. When you look at someone you can see a certain thing, especially if she looks so full of things that you can see that she’s looking. It just comes from being looking at something and the eyes. You cannot do it at all else without that. This is what I’m trying to talk about with the drawing and what I’m trying to emphasize. It’s just an expression, but I do draw in an exaggerated way.

You don’t draw from a model. Why not?

I really don’t believe in it. I don’t like what people say that’s the only way to draw. If you don’t draw you get into a lot of trouble, just to keep going.

How is it done?

It goes back to the beginning. If you look at people for a long time, it starts to be natural to look at them. At first you might not know how to do it because you don’t know how to draw it. It’s more easier to do and you can draw it more naturally. You’re just doing a little different thing: It’s not just moving through the drawing line. You’re not sitting there waiting after drawing it and the paper goes in the bag. The other drawing line goes in, and then you’re just following it. All of their lines go in, and you just follow along. You just do it slowly enough; all

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