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Because in the past, people had to use colored papers in their drawing. Now the same color ink is used in paper. They said it had nothing to do with pencils but to make them look more like the paper the artist was drawing on.

Is “dollop” slang?
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Yes. In the late 1930s, women’s hairstyles were changing from straight on, to flowing or slicked back. People liked the way the hairstyle looked on their faces and so people started calling the women’s hair “dollop.” This was a short-hand for the women’s hairstyle “blond” or short curly hair. In the early 1950s, however, “dollop” became slang for any hairstyle that had become popular. It was usually the same hairstyle worn for many years, but that one day it was just “dollop” enough for some people.

What is “dressed?”

Used for a woman who dresses in a way that is unusual. “Dressed” has a history as a slang for a woman who is very attractive and not just “a dress.” She is often dressed in a way that does not show all her beauty. Women from the early parts of the 1900s and the early 1900s used to dress up in a way that showed their personalities and feelings. The word dress was also used by men to describe their looks.

How did the term go from being used “in the street” to “used in writing?”

The term “dressed” evolved in the 1930s to “dressed-up,” meaning “in costume.” In the 1950’s a “dressed” woman, while a dress was used in the street, needed to be “dressed-up” to a very high level of sophistication and elegance. This also started to take off as a literary term, where an author may use dressed-up as a euphemism to describe a story about a character’s dress or clothes. However, there was a real struggle between the “dressed” and normal meanings of the word “dressed,” which is still evolving today.

Isn’t “dollop” slang?

It is a real slang term, just like the phrases “pajama boy” and “bobcat with the mustache.” It is not a slang term meant for sexual attraction. If it were, you’d be saying “dude, what are you wearing underneath that sweater?” When we say a

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