Why are pencils yellow? – Pencil Drawing Tutorial Pdf

This is a question often asked by people who are unfamiliar with the color yellow and the related color spectrum. What is the yellow/tan color spectrum? What are the different colors for pencils? The different colors for pencils are:


Light Tan

Medium Red


Dark Tan

Medium Yellow

Dark Yellow


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Yellow Green



The chart on the right compares all three of those different colors in comparison to each other in all other colors. It also compares the same three colors in black, orange, and yellow.


Light Tan

Medium Red Yellow Light Tan Medium Yellow Medium Yellow


Light Tan

Medium Red Orange Tan Yellow White Light Tan Very Dark Tan Very Dark Violet Tan Very Dark Cyan Very Dark Orange Very Dark Blue Very Dark Violet Very Dark Brown Very Dark Purple Very Dark Green Very Dark Indigo Very Dark Turquoise Very Dark Navy Very Dark Rose Very Dark Brown Very Dark Beige Very Dark Brown Very Dark Ivory Very Dark Ivory Very Dark Purple Very Dark Turquoise Very Dark Brown Very Dark Brown Very Dark Tan Very Dark

Why are pencils yellow? Red is the basic chemical element of most metals. It can also be found in many other substances. In addition to the red pigment, there are many other colors that can be used for making steel, rubber, aluminum, and other metals.

Light Tan is mostly red and yellow in color. It is usually applied using an oxidizing agent, such as iron sulphate or sulfur hexafluoride in the form of the dye that is used for making red paints. Yellow is another commonly used oxidizing agent.

Red is one of the most important elements found in nature. Every natural element has a color corresponding to its atomic number – this is known as the “color number”. There are three color numbers associated with most elements in nature: red, yellow, and orange.

Light Tan is one of the most commonly used dyes, also known as “dye pigment.” It is produced from the combination of two known dyes, a red one and a yellow one. It is most commonly found as a red-orange mixture that is used in some paints, and it is especially applied to wood and metal. Yellow is most used as the oxidizing agent in dyes.

Medium Red is the second most commonly used dyes. Most dyes that are commercially available

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