Why are pencils yellow? – Pencil Drawing Techniques

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It’s a question that makes us giggle, so here’s a little answer. The answer turns out to be something that has to do with oxygen atoms. A person draws a line on the inside of a pencil, and when he draws his line across the pencil, the “oxygen in the air” reacts with the pencil’s ink to produce a yellow color. The oxygen, in turn reacts with pigment, a chemical that creates color.

So, basically, “yellow pencils,” in their natural form, contain some oxygen atoms in their structure. But just because of that, we’re not all that surprised that the yellow pencils don’t all have the same color.

And that brings us to a more serious question: If you want to find the most common yellow pencil, there’s only one option — the American National Standards Institute. A few years ago, the American Standards Institute began publishing an annual index of the most common yellow pencils in the United States. It’s still published to this day, as well as a yearly catalog of the most common colors in Europe. For those who want to make their own lists, there’s no shortage of websites dedicated to determining the commonest yellow pencils.

As to the most common colors of all, the most popular seems to be white. Of course, the reason so many people prefer white pencils is that it’s very easy to apply. It also makes colors pop, regardless of whether they are inks or pencils.

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