Which pencils are used for sketching? – Charcoal Drawing Article

This is the first question I see people ask me, so I’ve set up the chart below to keep track of the different types of pencils that they might be using. I’ve also listed a few examples of colors that are popular in the artist world and their pros and cons. For more information, see the list below that covers other categories. Please note that this is not a “good” or “bad” list; this is based off of what my personal use is. Keep in mind that some pencils are more versatile than others.

Now you know! I always keep a pen holder next to my sketchbook (or to the side for sketching, or sometimes a sketchbook to sketch on) and always have it near me. I’ll often run a “drawing pad” around while I’m sketching or painting, also if I’m drawing at all.

When I’m doing my best drawings, as much as I try to keep that pencil close I actually find it easier to reach and hit that area with my hand, even though my skin does sometimes slide away from whatever that pen is on.

I’d strongly suggest to always use the darkest and brightest pencils unless it’s so dark you can’t even see what your drawing looks like, like the lightest pencil for those moments, with the darkest.

What are your hobbies in life?

Since my mom passed away a couple years ago I haven’t had the kind of time or energy that I want to devote to my family. Sometimes I’ll go and get a tattoo or two to put on display and I’m still learning how to have fun with them.

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That doesn’t give me much time for anything other than my own work and drawing on a regular basis. As I get into my 20s/30s I’d like to get more involved with my drawing, and with my children more generally.

How do you choose which pencils to buy? Which are good for sketching and which aren’t?

Well, that isn’t a very easy thing to answer. I like having a variety of options on hand, so I go through the above list of different pencil options and make a decision as to which ones I think are right for me.

I would say the majority of pencils I own are generally black, but there are other types of pencils that I have bought for other things in the past and they all seemed to do the job just fine.


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