What pencil is used for sketching? – Easy Colored Pencil Drawings Of Stitch With A Guitar

We used an 8.5mm Pilot Metropolitan.

The 8.5mm is quite small! Is it hard to draw in it?

Yes it is very easy to draw with, but at the same time hard because the lines are very blurry. It’s a bit like using a pencil and paper. It takes some practice to get good.

Are there a lot of different pencils for drawing?

Yes, there are several brands.

I like the ones of the Japanese brand and the one of the German brand. The ones from both brands are very similar.

Are there different brands for fine art pen use?

There are different models for that. One of my favorite pencils is the Pilot Fine Art Pen. It has a very thin tip for easy drawing of circles. Also, the pencil is very useful for drawing of large parts and drawing shapes. Plus it is very flexible. I use it for drawing portraits. It is like a “painting pen”.

You also draw with your pocket knife!

Yes, we do. We also draw on a lot of different surfaces with it.

What materials do you use for your pen and pencil sets?
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We don’t buy any pens or pencils from big manufacturers. We have two choices, which are: old and brand new. Of the old models, only the Pilot Metropolitan can be found in the US.

How long are the nibs for pencil andpencil sets?

They are very short so it takes some practice. It takes some practice especially for a small price. We use the same nibs for everything, we don’t change the model just because it’s too cheap.

Is the Pilot Varsity Medium Thin or medium?

We don’t use the Pilot Varsity Medium Thin. It is too thick and too light. It’s not suitable for fine art pen use.

It’s so nice in the pen! It is a great pen for fine art pen use – I wish I had bought one when I was younger!

Do you usually write in it?

Yes. I often put my laptop on it and write. It’s a bit awkward to get the pen on my desktop computer, but it works very well.

Where do you draw from in the car?

Usually in the car. Sometimes I leave it at home, sometimes I put it in the pocket of my coat, but most of the time

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