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Drawings are like objects and can take other forms. A drawing is like a picture or film. This means that a picture of a car is a drawing of a car, and the car itself isn’t a painting. You can see the car, but the car is a picture. You have the image and image of a car at the same time. If you cut the image out, the car is nothing but a drawing of a picture. When I draw, it’s more like having a picture in my head.

If you are like me, you’re like in a room somewhere and your attention and your mind are focused there. Once you are focused on the drawing, your focus on the drawing stays focused, and at some point as you are drawn in deeper and deeper, you can only draw a picture that fits your attention. This is when it’s like seeing a film, a drawing in your mind is like seeing a film.

So is an image a drawing?

Some things (like a photograph) can’t be a drawing. I used to say that drawing images and not facts was like thinking with words, instead of a picture.

Why a drawing is a drawing doesn’t seem to be the whole answer to what happens when I draw something. Some things (like a drawing) are just like my mind. A drawing is more like watching movies. This means that a drawing is like watching a movie.

Can you tell the difference between a drawing and a drawing?

The question of what makes an image a drawing can only be answered by seeing it, and thinking about it. The key is thinking about an image at a time. I used to call an object like a painting the drawing of the painting. I would say that the painting is just another image in my mind. To draw anything requires thinking about it.

What happens when I draw?

The drawing is the same. Once the mind focuses on the drawing, the mind stops having other things as it can focus on. It’s like watching a movie, and then stopping. Now I can stop watching the movie and the image will stop being a drawing.

When I draw, it’s almost like I’m watching a movie, until I stop. I watch a film of myself, my life. Then I can pause my drawing, watch how the film has changed. I can stop watching, and I’ll stop.
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When and why I draw is important, and it can be used to

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