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It is the one that never loses.”

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What you’re looking for in a pencil is consistency, smoothness, softness, a smooth line, firmness, thickness, and flex; all of which the Softpencil Series offers.

The softpencil line, as the name suggests, is intended to be a little bit more soft than traditional black. The Softpencil Series offers four different types of softpencils: soft/fine, fine-medium, medium-thin, and thick-medium. The Softpencil Series is available via retail stores (where it’s actually for sale), softpencil.com. Available in a variety of sizes, each pen comes in two colours (black or white) and five styles (normal, narrow, medium, long, sharp, or extra fine). Available for a limited time, the pens are limited in their availability and only online. It is the only pen available exclusively through softpencil.com, so it is definitely one to look out for.

What’s the best pencil for your budget?

There doesn’t appear to be a single pencil that offers the best price-to-performance ratio, which makes for a difficult situation. You will either have to settle for something with lower value-for-money, like the £50 Koyudo Shiro Soft Pencil, or go for a higher-end pen if you’re looking for the best-value pen on the market. These are the four best-priced pens that I can recommend right now:

The Koyudo Soft Pencil: £47.95

The Koyudo Soft pens come with their own refill and have a matte-black body. There are three different pencils available, so you can make it work from just one of them. In fact, I recommend going with just one: one in each of the three colours is a good, versatile choice. The Koyudo Shiro Soft Pencil is a good alternative to an expensive pen if you’re looking to save money on your everyday use.

The Koyudo Shiro Soft Pencil: £47.95

This pen is a great alternative to the Koyudo Shiro Soft Pencil for those who want to save money. I think I could have used this pen from the get-go if my eyes could have seen, especially if I was going for a very smooth, even line. It comes in a variety of colours – black is the most common – and

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