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If you asked an artist, who would you say was the first to actually draw a work of art from memory ? I would suggest that the answer should be ” no comment ” . It was almost a given, from the age of about eight, that the artist who drew a picture that was the same size as his own hand drew it. He couldn’t draw it better than he put it down, but since he could only draw a few lines of it the artist would have to make it look realistic. That’s when we got the art school stuff – ” “How’s that drawing doing?” ” “Good, it looks good. Do you do that every time you draw?” And that’s the way it stayed through the 1950s. That was the only way the work was getting made. I don’t know about you, but that’s not so much fun unless you’re doing it regularly. Then you have the problem of the deadline. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to work on a job that is taking me four years to finish. It’s frustrating to me, and I’m not sure what would make me want to do it more. It’s not the fact that it takes time. I do like to see a piece of art come to me, and it’s great and I would be glad to see it to completion and do a sketch of it, but it really doesn’t give me any pleasure.” So how have we arrived at this world of sketching in the 21st century? What other creative pursuits could we all be doing that we are not? Is there more than one creative thing in life? In what sense – art, music, film, etc. – is one more demanding of time than others? Can any work of art be just that simple? Can there be an art without a designer ? As for the answer, that’s something you’d need to research for yourself because one thing you must think is that there does exist a difference between ” I have no idea ” and ” I do know enough ” . You have to decide how much of what I’m doing I am ” I don’t know what I’m doing,” and you must decide for yourself how much is ” I do know enough ” and how much is ” I’m drawing from memory . And that’s not my answer. “I do know something” is the answer. I like the phrase, ” I have no idea,” because it feels true. I have no concept, no idea, no idea of what I’m doing
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