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“It is dark enough to stain clothing and to become black in the eye,” says Dr. Peter B. Smith, an optometry professor at the University of Rochester, who has studied dark graphite pencils for years.

How well does a dark-graphite pencil last?

“With good service, a pencil can last for a year or more,” Smith says .

When is the best time to buy dark graphite pencils?

“The perfect time is around the Christmas and New Year holidays,” Smith says. “The pencils will be most prominent during this time because they will be worn and will need light cleaning.”

Is a darker graphite pencil better for writing?

When making decisions about dark graphite pencils for writers, Smith says they should be considered in tandem with other materials, such as steel and graphite pencils made from wood pulp.

“A darker pencil will also take into account a writer’s style of writing,” Smith says. “If a writer uses a bright, heavy graphite pencil, he or she is not likely to read as well.”

Forget the debate: In an exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman said the party’s new, more inclusive policy on abortion — a shift in party lines — should be allowed as long as it’s not “pro-life.”

In the article, former Clinton chief of staff and 2008 president Bill Clinton said the DNC’s new stance is better than the Obama administration’s stance on contraception and abortion, which both said it would ban birth control coverage that a person would want to use.

In its position statement, the DNC said it should have “more room to accommodate those who are pro-choice and more space with respect to their viewpoints.”

The new statement read: “We will continue to stand for abortion rights and women’s physical and emotional health. But we’ll also understand the complicated context of those positions; that is why they aren’t pro-life. In the end, we’ll support policies that are both pro-choice and pro-health. We just want to do it in a way that is respectful and respectful of the many perspectives.”

The Obama administration, meanwhile, has said it wants to ban coverage for birth control, in addition to the current ban that does cover “contraception methods” like the IUD.

According to the article, Clinton called the GOP’s position a ”

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