What is difference between sketching and drawing? – Beautiful Pencil Drawing Images

In the beginning, it was hard to describe it. Now you can see the essence of the practice in a single sentence: ‘I like drawing when I sit with the pen in hand.’

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In a post last week, I outlined a new, open source toolkit for running a simple JavaScript server with Node and Express-Express.js. This post will go through the setup and deployment process to get the latest version up and running with Express, and the rest of the steps will cover how to get all the tools you need running locally on your machine.

The Node.js server running inside node-express is fairly barebones and doesn’t have any fancy features, although it is fairly easy to extend it with new ones. We are planning to expand this to a more full featured version with more tools, and so this post is more a brief explanation as well as how to set up the basics.


Let’s install those packages for Express-Express:

npm install -g express-express-server express-express-mongodb

Next up get the project source. This includes the .git file that tells Git what versions of Node you want to use:

cd /project git clone https://github.com/expressjs/express-express.git

Finally you need to make sure that your Node installation is enabled globally. This is done by running:

node -v

This will show you your system Node version for development, and then a list of all the node servers available. We want to use Express as our default Node server (though we could use our own Express server if we wanted); otherwise, there are a number of ways to specify it:

node -s node-express


node -v express

That said, for the initial setup you’ll want

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