What is basic sketching? – Simple Pencil Drawing Ideas

This isn’t really a sketching class (I’m not going to get into that again in here). I’m just going to outline the most essential steps, and then show you how to use them as you go. This could be done in any computer or notebook you have on you. This could be a digital sketchbook, a plain old hand written document, a simple web app, or any other form of writing you can think of. At your fingertips.

But let me get to the basic sketching steps I go through.

Basic Sketching Steps

1. Set up

You should set up an account on Adobe Creative Cloud. The subscription should be free. If you’re planning on sharing your sketches across more than one account, I would suggest setting 2-3 different accounts. Not just one main account for each project. It makes it a lot easier to share the templates.
Winter Trees Oakbank 57x40cm Charcoal, Graphite .jpg 400×533 ...

2. Download The Template (Or Download Any Template)

You’ll need to get the basic template. I’m not going to go into the process of making a template because it’s not a sketching series. I will say I always follow the instructions on the “Download” page.

3. Paint

This one is pretty easy. You start by putting in the text you want your drawing for. Make sure you get everything lined up as much as possible, all the way around. That goes for both the inside of the page, and the outside. You do not want to draw a line, or it won’t work. You will also have to place the background in the correct angle, in line with the text.

And finally, you take the text that you did with the previous step and do not use anything from this page again!

4. Start Painting

You can start with a sketch or you can use my “Draw from Text” template. Make sure you get the whole page lined up correctly. You can see in the photo how everything went there.

To start painting, the basic outline or drawing is a little messy. Let’s tidy that up for you. The outline doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be good enough for your purpose. A good outline should have 3 lines, which represent the eyes, nose and chin. Use a little amount of white around where the ears, mouth, and tongue should be. Your hand should be able to move freely with some black in the top left (it’s important to have a

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