What is an F graphite pencil? – Pencil Drawing Tutorial Pdf

F graphite pencils are commonly referred to as ‘scrappaper pencils’. They are made out of the same natural materials as ordinary pencils, the natural graphite is just a bit finer.

Graphite pencils have become quite popular in the UK, and are often referred to as ‘Scissors pencils’.

These pencils contain a very fine, fine grain of graphite. They are great for penciling together small textured objects such as flower arrangements, or even making simple patterns.

However, they will scratch almost nothing. Because they are so fine, you can also use them to make tiny, thin strips by just drawing on them, as long as they have not been cut.

Can I give my Graphite pencil a new name?

Of course, you can give your natural graphite pencil a new name. However, we advise against doing so to avoid offending the person you have given the pencil to! This usually leads to people calling them ‘Scissors pencils’.

To help protect this very special gift from becoming a cliche, we have decided to name it the ‘Graphite pencil’ (unless it is on our ‘Other natural or decorative pencils’ page!).

The name doesn’t have to be completely accurate at this point – it can be ‘scissors pencil’ so long as it is not offensive or disrespectful when used in the proper way.

Where can I get a natural Graphite pencil?

If you’re still not sure what you are looking for then you could always ask a friend or family member!

If your local library offers a free collection then it would be worth looking for a pencil and asking for a selection of paper and pencils. Or you could check out a library on Google Books.

The following shops will carry natural grade graphite pencils if they don’t already –

Barnes & Noble – Free collection

Chippendale Paper and Paper Products – Free collection

Green & White – Free collection

Museum of Childhood – Free collection

The Royal British Legion – Free collection

The Tate & RSC – Free collection

Sainsbury’s – Free collection

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