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What is a pencil made of?

• A pencil that can be used to write letters, keep track of numbers, to mark and count things, use for drawing, to write notes, and to make markings on things like maps.

• A pencil that’s both long and thin enough, with no excess material, that any thin object can be held in the hand.

• Pencils that are made out of material that can be easily scratched or dented — just like a book.

• Pencils that are made of a flexible material such as fabric, rubber, or waxed paper so they can slip into most pockets, purses, bags, and pouches. Pencils that are also made of a flexible material, such as plastic, so they don’t slip into shoes and bags. Pencils that are not flexible, but hold up better than typical plastic pencils. Pencils that are also made of a flexible material, but are much harder to sharpen than a plastic pencil.

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• Pencils for drawing. For drawing sketches, on and off the computer.

• Pencils to write in.

Pencils that are very thin and light, with little or no excess material, which are perfect for writing in.

• Pencils that can be kept perfectly straight in any pocket, purse, bag, or purse or backpack.

• Pencils for drawing and writing in.

• Pencils for drawing, writing on, or marking up photos.

• Pens (and fountain pens) for writing in, drawing in, or sketching with.

What do you see as a key difference between pens for drawing and pens for writing in?

• A pencil with a larger, flat surface to enable the writing surface to be sharp and dry.

• Pencils made from harder material, such as metal, glass, acrylic, or rubber. These pens will withstand the most abuse.

• Pencils that are made of a material that will be easily scratched and dented.

Pencils that are smooth but are not thick, but have a smooth surface that is good for drawing and writing. Pencils that are so thin and flexible that the eraser can be inserted and removed.

Are these pens for writing in?

Pencils for drawing are for drawing, but it’s not necessary to draw while writing. In fact

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