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It helps us imagine the properties of graphite in terms of electric charge, and in terms of the electron density at any specific point of the pencil. For the most part, we call a graphite pencil, or, more accurately, an anvil (which is the term for an anvil in a scientific application), a solid-graphite pencil. In the following, we will refer to a graphite pencil as a solid, not a pencil (i.e., we will not confuse a pencil with an anvil when describing the properties of graphite). A solid graphite pencil has one main advantage over a non-solid pencil: as a solid it is easier to hold and move. This solid graphite pencil can then be used over and over again. That is, as a solid, we can use it to write, or to draw, or to cut something (we will not be needing to cut a graphite pencil for some of the demonstrations we will be doing, but some of these pencils do require some cutting before use). For a non-solid, or pencil-paper, pencil, we may not be able to draw a complete figure. The reason for this is that, as shown in the following diagram (which is a simplified diagram; we will not be using this diagram until late in the book), a pencil has one point of pressure and one point of extension. As a pencil is pulled across the paper, the line of force at the pencil end of the pencil has an angle with the plane of the paper (called the angle of force) which is perpendicular to the sheet of paper; this is called the angle of extension. If another pencil has a force at an angle other than the angle of extension, it will have additional stress on its surface. The stress is then transferred to the paper which in turn will cause it to warp and split. The stress is also transferred from the pencil to the pencil-paper. This adds additional stress to the pencil which in turn makes the pencil-paper brittle. The stress is also transferred to the sheet of paper where the stress is transferred to the individual pieces of the paper so that the pieces of paper are deformed. In short, the stress is transferred over and over again for a pencil with one point of pressure and one point of extension. When a solid tip of a pencil is used the paper at that point should be deformed or broken up as much as possible (the stress is being transferred), while the paper is not damaged during its handling. The force at the
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