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It means that the pencil is too small to hold the desired ink value of the pen (the size of ink is equal to the size of the hole in the pen), and so it will have a tendency to have its value changed by oxidation. The only way of making this change to the ink value of the pencil is to fill the hole with ink. This is why it is called a ‘hole fill’ or ‘hole fill pen’.

The ink values of different pens are shown below. The smaller the number, the lower the ink value will be.

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Do you use a lot of your baking soda and vinegar in your fruit juices? Do you make your juice with fruit juices that already have a lot of vinegar and/or vinegar in them? If you prefer to make fruit juice with fresh fruit instead of vinegar or sour mix, I’ve got a wonderful fruit juice recipe for you.

A while back, I noticed how well these fruit juice recipes were being used in many of my friends’ recipes like smoothies. So many were using fresh fruit, some used fruit juice bases, and many of them just used regular juice for their fruit cocktail base. What’s really neat about these juices is that they are so simple to make, they can be quickly made a couple of days ahead of time and served for a party. Plus, you can add as many of your favorite fruits for your fruit juice as you want. These recipes will take about an hour or so to make, so make them some time and take the time to read the ingredients and instructions so you are well prepared.

To make fruit juice without adding fruit to it, go to HomeDIY Recipes and choose “Baking Soda/Vinegar”. You will want to use a ratio that doesn’t contain any fresh fruit because you want the juice to naturally have a lemon taste. Also, you aren’t adding enough sugar to make this juice with no vinegar taste. I suggest making it up to 3 times. Here is the recipe for the Fruit Pomegranate Juice, which requires about 2 cups of fruit for 3 drinks (or as much lemon or lime juice as you’d like to add) and a bit of sugar to balance it. If the recipe calls for “fruit juice”, you want to use the same amount of fruit juice base as the juice recipe. If your ratio is more than 1.

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