What does 2 HB mean on a pencil? – Pencil Drawing Tutorial Pdf

What’s with the # 2 in the second row of the top row? In the above image, it means this is the pen that you’re holding upside down. In fact… a “2” in a line on a pencil is just a “2” on a line in a line. In reality, this is the most common spelling on “2” pen, and it’s the one that’s most often used on the left side of the pencil.

2 Pen (top)

(top) Pen (bottom)

2 Pen Pen (top)

2 Pen Pen (bottom)

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A group representing the New Jersey public-school teachers has filed an opposition to the state’s charter legislation. (Photo: Chris Gardiner / Staff file photo )

A group representing the New Jersey public-school teachers is opposing the state charter legislation that would allow new charter schools.

The teachers’ group New Jersey Alliance for Public Charter Schools filed a brief with the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of several members of the Teacher Assocation Council.

The group claims the legislation makes it harder for teachers to form clubs and unions and also has a limited number of charter schools.

“While we welcome the legislative discussion about the New Jersey charter bill, the language on which a majority of the Legislature appears to rely to implement its proposals does not give any significant relief for teachers who fear they will lose their professional rights because of charter school openings,” the brief states. “The legislation does not provide adequate protection for the professional rights of teachers who believe that the Legislature intends to deprive them of their fundamental rights as employees through a change to the current collective bargaining agreement.”

The bill has been before the Legislature since 2002, when a House committee created the charter schools bill.

The bill seeks to allow the state to license up to five private, for-profit charter schools by creating a limited number of charter schools — capped at 20 — that can open with an existing school under existing contracts.

While public schools cannot open new schools on a charter school contract, charter schools can open with an existing school.

The groups filing the brief urge the 10th Circuit to reject the legislation.

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