What do you call a drawing of a person? – How To Use Graphite Sticks

A drawing that’s all black with white on it.

Who draws the best and is there a standard way to draw?

My dad. He knows how to put his own stamp on it. Or I think he keeps it as he makes them. I usually draw it the same way he puts it. It’s the same color as mine. They usually have it on their desks and you’re like ‘you did it right’ but I guess if you need a change of color you’ll probably have to pay extra.

There was a drawing of one of my cats that I drew from a photograph, what was it about?

I like to think I draw better cats than I do human ones – what I’m really good at is drawing them doing something. It’s a hard thing to do because you’re getting out the emotion in your eyes and what you’re saying, but I really like using cats as a kinder, gentler element in my comic books.

How close are your drawings to the physical one?

There are certainly aspects of the original that I try to capture. Some will feel like they are from life because they’re obviously a direct representation of what’s going on within me, while others will feel more abstract. But I do draw from my own life, my feelings and experiences so most of the drawing decisions come from that as well. Sometimes it’s a hard thing to be in control of the drawing and I’ll be like ‘I don’t really want this to be in a photo’, but a ton of times I’ll do it because it’s about that day or a specific moment and I like the idea in my head of it as much as I can.

You’ve also had to design posters for events. What were your inspirations and did it help to get you started on your career?

I started off just drawing some random stuff on the back of a napkin and selling them at a comic cafe in Vancouver. I made a few hundred bucks that way and figured that it was time to switch gears and get serious. Then I discovered that people were really interested in my artwork and started posting me on Facebook. I guess at that point I was still just getting started. It wasn’t until my first convention that I discovered the real power of it.

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How does the convention feel?

To me the convention is just a good way to meet fans, get feedback from people about your work and have great people experience your work. It

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