What can you draw when your bored? – Simple Pencil Drawing Ideas

I’m not even going to discuss the art style that many people like to point fingers at me for, but I will say that it is not “bad” art for kids and families with children. Not a whole lot of things have become “cool” these days that wasn’t before. I am in no way “inspiring” with this art. It is just a simple comic, and a simple story. In the end that is all that matters. I can tell you with a lot of experience that this doesn’t sell any toys or TV shows. It shows how boring everything really is in this world.

And now that I have some time of my own, I have put up a link to my old reviews which include many of my reviews from earlier in the year. All of those reviews can be found here:


Pencil Drawing Step by Step





The reason I am linking these reviews is because I have been having a lot more requests to review a book that was a Christmas gift to me (as I said before) a book with a really dark and serious theme, a book with a good story and a book that I thought looked good enough. After this book, I do NOT want to go back to reading any other book in the same genre, unless it fits.

I went back to read this book after about an hour and a half had elapsed, and that is where I made the most mistakes. I was reading a story for my daughter that went against all of my beliefs about what a “good fairy tale” should be. In our family I was taught that a fairy tale would consist of simple, happy, and uplifting story’s. A “good fairy tale” was a story that would make the average person happy and give them something positive to look forward to in life. I have never in my life read a so called “good fairy tale” and to be honest, I have read most

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