What are the types of sketching? – Pencil Drawing Landscape Waterfall

Doodles allow you to create images from text, images, or both within a document. For example, you could add a picture from your iPhone with a short note about it, or a series of captions from an email. When you sketch the text element, Sketch has a powerful tool for creating art and creating a visual language around your content.

In what ways do you use Sketch to make and maintain a professional document?

Spend a lot of your time creating complex documents with many elements, and then spend less time when you need to make one simple object.

When are you most inspired to create?

For me it’s a mixture of inspiration from others as well as the nature of my work.

What advice would you offer to creatives interested in making content for mobile devices?

First and foremost, find your own inspiration. Once you’re inspired but unsure what to do with it, you need to make some decisions.

What were your biggest challenges while creating a professional document?

I never stopped to think of my tools or thought about creating a single document. As long as the content was original and relevant then I was fine.

What have you learned from writing and sharing your own documents?

In my opinion, it is critical to develop a personal style first and foremost. My experience with mobile devices allows me to see people as individuals rather than just collections of things that can be quickly copied and pasted. I would also say that the use of the Internet and the fact that we all have phones is a positive.
These Giant Pencil Drawings by Jono Dry are INSANE ...

What did your biggest advice to anyone creating content for mobile devices?

When creating content for mobile devices, you need to make sure that:

The content is appropriate to the medium .

. All elements need to be distinct.

Always use your content creation tool.

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