What are the 3 types of pencil? – Pencil Drawings

We’ve got three types of pencils in the shop:

Regular pencils, which have a normal lead with no tip

Caron’s Fine Point and Fine Point Nail Clippers

We started with the fine point pencils because they have very little lead. They’re very inexpensive, very versatile and have very good value. They’re perfect for the hobbyist who wants a low price and doesn’t mind the slightly different style and quality of the pencil tips than the other pencils we carry.

Fine Point Nail Clippers

Fine point nails are what make me really excited about the new pencils. If you do a lot of drawing it’s nice to have a different style when you’re not drawing at a high speed like drawing on pencil.

Fine Point Nail Clippers are soft and very thin which makes them great for tracing over things which are not super smooth and for drawing over an area you’ve created.

How can I get a fine point nail glue?

There’s a great fine point nail glue recipe on the Beads page (or on the Beads Recipe page) but we have just added it into the Beads Mixer too as it’s an alternative solution to the fine point nail glue.

We encourage you to try it out!

Beads Mixer

Can I use fine point nails if I use fine point pencils too?

Flower Drawings | Flower Sketch by ~Mubibuddy on ...
Yes, but it’s not necessary. If you only use both fine point papers, then you’ll get better results on the Fine Point pencils. However, if you’re using both fine point papers, you shouldn’t have any problem with the fine point nail glue, as it may make the fine point nails slip away from the nib/tip.

What do the colors of fingernails look like?

They’re dark or medium colored, and vary from person to person, but we try to match the color of our fingernails to the shade of your skin, especially darker shades of darker skin.

Who will be in charge of shipping the pencils?

We have made a list of people who will be handling shipping for this project. We’d like to have the best customer-service service, we have lots of ideas how to improve them. As an illustration of our new work practices, we were in charge of mailing out the first batch of Fine Point Nail Clippers, but had to cancel this and postpone all new orders to March.

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