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I found some pencils, but it does not seem to match any of my other pencils. What are they and how do they compare?

So I have the 2 types of pencil, the 1st is from Noodler’s, it is black and grey. Is that different than the one they have with the silver tip?

Are there any other pencils around that match my 2nd pencil type, the black and grey?

My mom and my dad have the same model of Bic and they seem to be the same, i would love to know which one? thanks!!

I found my pencil. Do I need to return it for a full refund?

Sprint and T-Mobile are preparing for the next fight in their ongoing patent war, though the outcome is not known yet.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal published Wednesday, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said T-Mobile will launch a patent lawsuit “around spring time” based on the fact that the companies are in similar positions (Sprint is trying to consolidate its network while T-Mobile is expanding its network), although he did not name a specific date.

“We will have a lawsuit and a counter-suit. That is basically what we said on day one of the merger: there will be no more mergers without first having this conversation,” Claure said.

Sprint has asked regulators for a court decree to invalidate the “network blocking” terms T-Mobile is reportedly seeking in the merger. T-Mobile has been pushing its network providers to upgrade their networks to keep up with the massive increases in wireless subscribers. The carriers were able to reach a settlement on Friday, in which T-Mobile agreed to pay Sprint $1.5 billion in order to resolve the dispute.

The following article was originally published January 2015 at www.londonist.org

This is an excerpt from our new book about the history of the Great Reform Act, which will be available March 2015.

The Great Reform Act of 1690 ushered in a long period of political upheaval in the capital region.

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Its main aim was to make Parliament responsible for policing its cities. As the king’s bodyguard since his accession, Parliament had no power over such issues as the distribution of patronage, nor did parliament need an army of local guards. But these restrictions did not affect poor people; and the Great Reform Act, which established the Town Councils established by Henry VIII. as

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