What are the 3 types of pencil? – Easy Colored Pencil Drawings With Straight Lines In Nature

Inks with ink in two different phases and one color and a liquid (or a liquid + solid) in another phase.

1. Paper with two different phases

The two phases of the paper is called the paper phases (Phases A and B). This paper is usually black or brown. There are some green and violet papers as well. One phase is used for all kinds of drawings and painting. They are the paper phases, so the liquid phase was considered the ink phase.

2. Paper with one color

The liquid phase was used for drawing the figures, the shapes and the text. The liquid phase, like drawing on a piece of art paper, is more detailed. It depends on the drawing or painting and the situation.

3. Paper with two liquids in each phase

The ink phase was often used for decoration, the background and figures. The two phases of the paper might be combined to create a new, special look.

A paper called “Aster” is similar to a paper called “Asterite”. It was used in Europe in the 19.century, for drawing, drawing, decorative and ornamenting, and for paintings with multiple colors with various effects.

The original artist, John Hargitay, from Scotland, used a paper called “Asterite”…

Paper with two phases (Phases A and B)

A paper with ink phase and paper with liquid phase

Paper with one color

A paper with one liquid phase

To learn more about paper with two stages (Phases A and B) see:


What is a pencil ?

Any type of metal needle, can be used as a pencil. The most common pencil has some of the following characteristics….

It can be made from metal.

There is an edge that is thin.

It can be used for drawing.

It can be used for writing.

It can be wet or dry. There are wet cases.

It can be used for copying and for drawing.

There are some pencils that can be made from acrylic, acrylic on paper and other types of materials. These types of pencils often take the shape of a

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