What are the 3 types of pencil? – Amazing Pencil Drawings

You might think that there are 3 main types of pencils, but there is actually more than one (or a few variations on them). The following pages will discuss some of the variations on the main 4 styles of pencil.

1. “Titanium” or “Zinc” pencils

Titanium pencils are the most popular pencils in our market today. They are the most comfortable, and they cost the most as well. The advantage of these pencils is that they create a line with a perfect, steady curve when turned, similar to a thin piece of paper.

Pros: Excellent feel, light weight

Easy to sharpen

Most comfortable and easy to use

Light weight

Cons: None

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2. “Titanium” or “Tungsten” pencils

This pencils is similar to a normal pencil in design, as the curve of the pencil lines are made up of a number of sharp lines. However, unlike titanium, there are fewer lines and only 2 sharp lines. Titanium gives a softer, softer line than a regular pencil, and they allow you to sharpen them without being bothered by the sharpness. Titanium is also known for its high quality. Titanium pencils are expensive to make and thus are quite rare.

Pros: More comfortable than titanium pencils

Cheaper to make

Better looking in person

Cons: None

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3. “Titanium” or “Lithium Titanium” pencils

These are the most common pencils nowadays. In fact, as of 2018, only 1% of the market is made from titanium and only 2% is made from zinc. This means that only 2% of the market is made from a metal with the same hardness and density of lead or zinc. It costs more. The advantage of these kinds of pencils is that the lines with a great level of smoothness.

Pros: Fast, easy to sharpen

Longer lasting (the pencils last a longer time, and then you can clean them if needed)

Cheaper than aluminum pencils

Cons: None

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4. “Titanium” or “Phosphor Bronze” pencils

This was the pencil that I found the most interesting in the world of pencils.

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