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I love traditional art style in that it is a mix of many mediums with a very clear and consistent image across all mediums. In contrast, I enjoy modern style in its simplicity and simplicity alone is a very compelling message.

What is the next step for you?

My goal for the coming year is to create a new typeface, a new type of typeface—I call it D.T.T.—that is entirely text-based. I would love for that to go beyond traditional styles such as Times New Roman and even Helvetica. I have created a little typography app here called D.T.T and hope to make it available to other text editors.

Where do you see your future in typography?

I feel my future lies in the digital age, just as my father did. He was a designer at Adobe and one of his last tasks before he passed I brought him into Adobe Labs and gave him the tools to design the web. He taught me how to be a typographer in a very short amount of time. I feel like, in my current position, the most pressing issue for me is making this next step easier for those who want to be able to use both text and graphics to accomplish their work.

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Image caption Police have been working to arrest those involved in this case

A man has been released after posting a video on YouTube claiming to have taken a life of a man at a wedding in Scotland in November.

A video posted on a YouTube channel which has since been deleted featured a man with bandages on his arm and claiming that the death was caused by the reception at the Stirling Castle wedding last month.

A spokeswoman for the Police Scotland force said it had “no knowledge” the incident was linked to the groom at the wedding, and had not received any formal complaints.

The body has been returned to the victim’s family. The Scottish Daily Mail has not been able to contact the victim.

The man was arrested last Monday, a spokeswoman for Police Scotland said. She described it as “a matter of concern” and it had been handed to a senior officer.

The spokeswoman said the case was now in the hands of the Crown Office, and would “take the appropriate steps”.

Her office would not comment on whether any further action could be taken, because it was still being investigated, while the family and the groom’s family were

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