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Most drawings are stylized. That means they depict a certain pose of the body or face. These types of drawings are typically used with text or lettering.

Some of the most popular styles are the three-dimensional drawings that use drawings based on the lines of a 3D model or the texture of a 3D surface for a 3D effect.

In addition to the drawing style or its type, there are also a series of other types that include a “portrait” of the subject, “vignette” or a “portrait with a 3D perspective” where the subject is looking around. These styles have to do with presenting a different vision of the person or character in the drawing.

Do you draw from any particular style of art or culture?

I have a lot of reference in my mind. But to me every time someone sends me a drawing, I see them taking something from something they have learned in art school or something they have just seen. The only exception would be images that are from another culture which I never look at again. I will usually take an example illustration from another culture and copy all of the details except the color. And I have never looked at a painting that was made from another culture or have a more in-depth opinion on the style of the painting.

Do you draw your own images?

I do not draw my own drawings, I do not like to do that because I always think it’s hard work. Some people can do it very easily while I need hours to draw my own illustration.

Are you aware of the influences on your artistic work?

I am. I’m not a fan of traditional art that isn’t art. I think that’s the reason why I draw my own illustrations. There are artists that are artists because it’s their job or something I learned by watching TV and having things come to me. I would rather see a person draw a picture than to have something read to you.

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How would you describe your style?

I hope to do more of that. For example, I think the style that I like is kind of flat in style, which means you have no sense of perspective and space. There is no contrast, and it’s about the person looking at the drawing without seeing anything in front of them. There are also a lot of drawings in which the subject is close

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