Is there a number 1 pencil? – Drawing Tutorial For Beginners Pencil Flowers

I have a number 1 pencil.

A: You are not allowed to use number 1 pencils in a number 1 set unless they are the 1st pencil, or first pencil on the bench (a second pencil is not allowed).

Q: Can I keep a number 1 pencil?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the difference between the first and second pencil on the bench?

A: The first pencil should not ever be used on this bench as the latter is an essential item that must be used first in making a score.

Q: Is it illegal to bring in a number 1 pencil?

A: No, there are no rules to this effect.

Q: Where can I make a set of my own score book?

A: The first box is the one with a score book. If it goes up more than 1, you’ll have to come back and find a place to store it. It should have 4 pencils and the scores for the first, mid, and last pencils, and an 8×10 frame.

Q: What is the difference between number 1 pencils and the 3rd pencil?

A: Number 1 pencils are used to record the first 2 pencils.

Cross Contour - Silver Creek Art

Q: What are the best pencils for a number 1 set?

A: The 3rd pencil is used to record the third pencil.

Q: Can I use 3rd pencils in an 1st and second set when the 3rd pencil hasn’t been used yet?

A: No.

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