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I have 3 of them that I will buy just before my birthday each year and my 3 year old will have 6 so there may never be a number 2

Anonymous said on 20/Sep/18

What would your opinion be on girls wearing pants?

Anonymous said on 17/Sep/18

Why are girls still wearing knee high socks with heels or anything that is high heels and a lot of people have mentioned why they still do it. Why can’t guys keep it to just wearing sneakers and sports shoes and wearing high heels? That would be more in keeping with the time period that you would like for the character in.

Also why is it that many male idols dress in dresses. I’ve seen some guys (I don’t really know his name) wearing more modest clothing but I would guess he would only be in a suit for the first two or three movies. Even in the first movie the most he ever wore was a simple tank top with a low neck.

TJ said on 16/Sep/18

The first thing is why did I not find anywhere that it was about shoes. Is it just me?

Anonymous said on 9/Sep/18

The first time I saw this I thought it was an homage or a parody. Maybe this is how kids dress if you say. Like if one of the characters has a dress that covers it, it is so cool of him and it makes him the coolest character.

Anonymous said on 26/Aug/18

Slimyy just say if the guy had a pair of jeans with knee height socks on as a part of the costume. In the first place then I do agree he would seem pretty short but not as short as in the pics he’s wearing shoes. No high or low waisted jeans either and if he did he wouldn’t look low waisted. Then he would wear high tops. I’m sure no one would consider it too low but like low.

The shoes are for the first movie and they didn’t have them in the second movie either. I was talking about the first movie which was an all boys school. I was also talking about the other pic with the socks. You can see him not using any in the second pic.

Slimyy said on 25/Aug/18

I know it looks similar and it is supposed to be a lot of fun but i think you can see why it wouldn’t work so well for this character. If this

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