How do you sketch an eye? – Simple Easy Pencil Drawings For Beginners

Anathea: You just trace it with your pencil. That’s all you need. You might also cut a tiny hole where the eye joins to the rest of your face. This gives the eye some dimension, even if you’re just tracing lines across a blank piece of paper. You could also draw a little circle behind your eye. Once that line is drawn, you just trace an imaginary line behind that. You’re tracing a straight line from the eye’s position, to the head, the back and the eyes.

Cristan: You could actually sketch the entire eye, drawing the contours, the corners of the eye, the corner of the eyes’ pupils, everything so you can draw the entire eye in a second. It also will not take much space. I drew the full width of my entire eye.

Anathea: Yeah, it’s quite a lot, but I just wanted to make an eye, which is why the rest of your face is so blank. It’s just a sketch and a reference for me to actually start drawing the actual eye.

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Cristan: Yeah, even the shape is drawn. I traced circles, I traced lines and that’s all I had.

Anathea: Yeah, you can also make lines in your sketch to make a shape. I also want you to fill in the corners of the eye to make it round or even. There is some sort of shape that makes the line even so I didn’t need to draw it out.

Cristan: Yeah, I didn’t have to draw the lines at all.

Anathea: I think that’s one of my favourite parts because you have to figure out your own shape first like a human eye, not something just made by someone else. So I can see your eyes and you can see my face – you’re two different people.

Cristan: I see you in your head.

Anathea: So that’s nice and nice.

Cristan: I’ll try to get to my other question quickly. Is there anything you find inspiring today?

Anathea: There was actually, there are a lot of things inspiring today. I think the best way to explain is to show a picture with an image from a piece of music. I’m playing the piano and I have a picture of a piece of music, it goes to a place, I make a note in my head somewhere about there being

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