How do you protect a pencil drawing? – Pencil Drawing Of Hands Holding A Plaque

To protect that pencil drawing properly, an artist needs to use a small amount of water — even a drop — or a small amount on cotton candy is perfectly adequate. For best results, a pencil eraser can be placed over the surface and left on until the wet surface dries. The cotton candy also acts as a sponge that collects every drop of water. That allows the artwork to be removed without leaving any marks.

What about the paint, pencils and papers that were used to draw that artwork on a piece of paper?

Paint is a bit more difficult to protect, depending on the amount of water or paint used. Paint can be safely removed in small amounts, with the help of a small, disposable disposable paint brush or brush. That way, water and paint will continue to wash off and the pencil will be dry when the paint is finished. But a piece of white-painted paper remains on the surface of artwork when a wash is not used. On those pieces of paper, a sponge or eraser is very helpful to remove every drop of water. For more information, see Tips to Properly Clean Paintwork.

Do you know whether it will scratch a surface?

A scratch is a form of light reflection. In the case of water, any dust has likely taken on a reflection of its own. However, there is no way to assure the surface will not scratch itself, although there are many techniques that use special cleaning solutions to guard against that possibility.

How about paper?
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Paper, especially colored paper is not as water-resistant as canvas or watercolor paper. However, a well-made drawing with good craftsmanship can be protected by simply washing it on a soft cloth until it is dry. An eraser or a small piece of cotton candy is all it takes.

Waterproof Canvas

How do you protect your canvas from water and ink?

If the craftsmanship, or materials used to make it, are watertight to the point that an air bubble can’t penetrate, they can still be scratched and sanded to a smooth canvas surface. However, the surface on which the artwork was placed is usually considered more fragile and should not be touched by any kind of liquid or solvents before drying. Some artists have the canvas placed on a flat surface or over glass, so that it doesn’t touch any of the wet surface.

What do you do if your canvas is scratched?

If the canvas is dry,

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