How do you draw an eye pencil? – Drawing Techniques Shading

You go to a local art supply store, get a pair of eye pencils and a ruler, and use them to draw on the back of your fingers.

5. Draw in a circle where the dot of the eye appears

When you have finished your painting, take some of the paint you have and gently blot the area you were drawing on with it. You will find that the line that will run through the eye is not centered on the dot. After you have finished the eye, use some more paint on your brush and blot away the red portion of the eye. The result of the eye will be more defined and you can use it to create the illusion of a darker part of your skin.
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6. Use a Sharpie

Sharpie markers make it easy for you to create your own patterns around your eye. The only problem is they don’t work in a circular way. That is why I created this guide on how to draw circles around your eye. The directions include how to create a circle around the pupil and that, plus some more detail on the color, shape and thickness of your circles.

7. Use a Sharpie pen

Sharpies, the old school “doodles,” have a little bit of everything. They are great with watercolors and oils, and are great for beginners. They are perfect for outlining and coloring your shapes using different strokes. Also great for drawing eyes and noses.

8. Draw a circle with the tip of your pencil

This simple trick makes sure that what you make is not blurry. Simply draw an invisible line around your pupil and then draw an invisible line around the tip of your pencil. This makes sure that whatever you draw is perfectly centered. The line that you draw may not be completely invisible because the tip of the pencil may not be touching the eye’s surface. So, before you put your eyes down, draw out a small circle and then draw the line around it.

9. Create a circle and then draw the eye on it

You can use this trick if you have the perfect background. For example, if you have a blue circle over a green background, you can draw that circle around the eye and then draw something along that line, like an eye, that would not be obvious without the background. The idea is that you can make the eye look larger and it looks more natural. So, this trick is a great idea in any case: Draw a circle to create a circle with the eye

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