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There is an art to drawing faces. It has to be easy. It’s something that is very, very hard to master. There are three or four very simple things. First, you want to have the head be as thin as possible. You want the head to seem very small. And the second thing is the eyes should be so wide that they are not totally closed.

The other thing is that the head has to have a face. A lot of the characters are drawn with a mouth. They look like dolls. But this face should be very convincing. You have to be able to see, even without looking directly at it, that it has a face.

The third thing is the expression. That’s very important. Don’t worry about the eyes. Don’t worry about the way the eyes look. Just concentrate on the expression.

So you want to draw the main character’s face and then draw the eyes of everyone else. That’s where you have to draw everything.
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In the past, people have been using paper and ink on plastic cards to draw faces. What are your thoughts on this technique?

I don’t think about it. The plastic card is a medium. It’s a very good medium. Now, when people are working on the illustrations on plastic cards, they draw on plastic cards so that they are able to see the eyes, the eyes’ expression. They just concentrate on getting a solid image of the eyes. That is what makes the illustrations look different from what they could have been.

I think that if they were working on paper, then the paper and the eyes would be more than enough to draw a realistic expression, wouldn’t they? But they’re not. The paper is what keeps them from looking genuine.

What do you think of the Japanese practice of drawing faces with pencils?

It is my understanding that there are two main types of face drawings: faces with eyes and eyes with pencil. I can’t tell whether they are the same or not, but I know that on the Japanese market you can find pencil face drawings and pencil faces. It’s a real pain.

Is pencil drawing, like pencil drawing with a pen, really easier to do?

I don’t know. That’s something that I don’t know. I’m not sure.

How did you become interested in Japanese animation?

In high school I had been watching American cartoons since I was a little kid. I could see

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