How do I create my own drawing style? – Pencil Drawing Easy For Beginners

First you have to make sure your character is drawn accurately. If you’re an artist, this will be simple enough; simply do a few basic sketches to get a feel for where you want to go. Make sure that everything lines up (you can do sketchy-ness at whim). Next you’ll have to figure out what you want the character to look like in-game. I suggest drawing something similar to a character in your head in case you decide to give him a “look”. That said, if you’re not drawing in-game then you’re going to need some advice in this area, so if your character is not exactly in your head (and you know how to draw well) then make a sketch of his eyes. Next you can do some visualizing to figure out how everything should look. It may take some thought, but your goal is to get the feeling of the character you want. Once that’s done, you can start to paint. When you’re thinking about the final look of your character, keep in mind that you’re painting a “piece” of the character and that your job is to “piece” that character together. If you’re a beginner, I suggest painting the head, but if you’re an artist using Photoshop, you can try and create some simple, but subtle textures. A good reference in that regard is my “Eagle’s Eye” series
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I have a bunch of questions about the style I’m going to be using, do you have any better advice?

The style can also be quite flexible once you get a feel for things too; if you’re going for a “cartoony” look, then you may want to just stick with simple outlines or “peaks” of characters. If you have a lot of shading, however, things can get a bit too crazy. When you’re done with your sketch, then the “painting” is done, and then you move on to the game’s character model. I hope you found my “art-style guide” helpful, and that it’s still relevant. Be sure to leave me an email below or drop me a line on G+ if you need new art advice if anything should change or you would like to add something to the list. Thanks, you can find more of my character art in my DeviantArt page:

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