Can you teach yourself to draw? – Pencil Drawings People

“Nah, that’s too much work.”

In our house the children usually get a piece of paper and draw all sorts of things. I try to get them to get more in-depth with the pieces they draw. I also help them to make different pieces, but for some reason they don’t draw it and instead they just use the same image all the time. It might be because they haven’t been learning. They may try to change the image, but they just don’t know how to get better and better. That’s all right. If they don’t know how to draw, they can’t draw better for their own sake. But I’ll do what I can to help them with the drawing, and I can teach them how to draw and what the main elements of it are.

But still, I feel bad when their children are so poor and not able to draw. If they want to draw, maybe they should ask someone else to help them, and I’ll be happy to teach them what to do.

Q: If their parents don’t have enough funds?

“But that’s not the best thing, you should give them some money to be able to pay for themselves.”

In our house, the money goes for the books as well. Sometimes, my mom gets money from the shopkeeper or his parents. If they can’t buy books, they usually ask around and find a shop with a loan. My own mother has been selling books since she was young, selling one or two books a year. There are times when her income is cut for a year’s time. But sometimes she gets a small loan and they can live on those and some. But she doesn’t spend it like that. She gives it away. It’s good because this allows me to help my mom.

But if it’s bad, I would say to her, but she is just using it as a loan. And then, it might become difficult to raise her by herself. So just give money to her. I can’t afford to teach her in some areas.

Q: And this is the best idea for her?

“Yeah, this is the best idea. I always say this.”

Even if the parents don’t have the money to send them to her, if their son and daughter can learn to draw, what do you think makes their education worth the effort?

“But even if the mother and father can’t afford to send

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