Can you erase graphite pencil? – Drawings Of Tigers In Pencil

No, you can’t erase graphite pencil and all traces of it can be seen during the test to your computer or through the camera of your scanner.

For additional information on what you can and cannot see with graphite pencil, please see our graphite pencil and graphite removal guide.

Which is the best graphite pencil out there?

While this graphite pencil was originally designed with a focus on speed and accuracy, we also offer a range of other great graphite pencils in a range of different colours, styles and colours.

For more information on what others are recommending you can read our blog on the best graphite pencils.

Is my graphite pencil waterproof?

Yes, your graphite pencil is designed to withstand both normal use as well as extreme temperature fluctuations that have been linked to an increase in cancer in rats.

We recommend all graphite pencils sold to meet these standards by using one of our waterproof graphite pencils.

To learn more about what other materials they may include on their website you can check out our waterproof graphite pencil fact sheet. You can find out more on how great graphite pencils are for keeping your pencils safe, here.

What is the best way to use an epoxy glue to adhere a graphite pencil?

We believe the best way to ensure your graphite pencil is in optimum condition is by using Epoxy Glue. With a good quality pen or marker, you’ll be able to follow the steps below and a little glue and sandpaper after your pencil has dry. If there is a concern, we recommend you check the safety of your pencil with a professional who is able to test your pencils. To learn more about how glue makes your pencils feel and how to use glue in an easy to follow method here.

After your pencil has dried, we recommend it is sanded using a fine sandpaper. The size of the sandpaper is also important as the larger and more irregularly shaped the shape, the more you are likely to break off the pencil and damage the epoxy.

After sanding the bottom and top of your pencil, you can apply a little extra glue on the top, to hold the epoxy in place. Use a clean damp cloth to apply this glue when the edges of the epoxy glaze begin to go glossy. As you can see in the figure above, you can repeat the process with more layers to build up layers

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