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I see artists who don’t want to paint, but have a certain talent of a sketch. I can see how in order to really create great art and not take it for granted, you need to have the skill. I also see artists that are very good at drawing, but don’t know how to really do sketching, that’s a big problem. These are people who don’t learn how.”

Drawn for the camera, the artists all have their own style, often using only one or two mediums.

“It’s all about how people perceive your work, that’s how people see it,” she says. “Most of the time the artists only look at the camera, but they’re so aware of how the art looks, so they want to show the picture in a different way.”

The new mural installation in front of the Stoney Creek Theatre on the Riverwalk is designed to show the audience not just an artist’s brush strokes, but how a picture is created. (David Purdy for The Globe and Mail)

Artists will focus on sketching in the work — both in terms of the technique of the brushes, and the techniques behind the process — rather than painting each piece, she says.

This means that the mural work will be more “transparent,” says Purdy.

The artists on the mural will also include people in the artistic community at large and artists who have no studio, including a painter whose work is on display all the way down the street from Ms. Bortoli’s.

“It’s really important for the audience, for everyone who comes, to see the work,” says Ms. Bortoli.

The murals will be created by Purdy Painting Studio’s Chris Borts and her partner, Matt. The work is being funded by donations from the gallery. The artists will be making the work available for download on their Facebook and Tumblr pages. Purdy Painting Studio’s online mural gallery and website will also be a source of inspiration for the artists who will do their own work.

“That’s going to be a new approach for the artist,” says Andrea Purdy. “The whole idea [of being able to] share the work is new for artists in my time.”

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