What is the best way to learn to draw? – Thrive Art School

There are two good methods, if you use either one, you’ll gain a whole new life in art that has the possibility to reach the greatest heights. The first is to learn to draw through reading: books are a must, and I believe it can help that way in the beginning. The good news is that a lot of good art books from all over the world have been written on drawing.

The other way is through drawing practice. Here is a quick list of some of the best drawing books from over the years (some of them were never published before):

– “The Art Of Drawing” by John Merenda

– “Drawing Book” by Edward Bicker, Jr.

– “What is the Best Way To Learn to Draw?” by Steve Aitchison

– “Understanding Drawing: Drawing Techniques” by Stephen Jones

The book is available for purchase on www.amazon.com on Kindle.

My own practice and inspiration: The best way to draw is by focusing on detail. It may sound crazy but every once in a while you need to focus on one of these things on a piece of paper, or even just look at it in its normal “good” form, and start drawing that way:

– A pencil line or an ink mark.

– An outline that’s drawn out in a circle.

– A small hole that’s put between two lines.

– On a picture: Some lines, like letters or numbers are drawn straight or in the lines of a line art style.

Once you concentrate hard on a line or the letter of a word or piece, then your brain will start to go crazy with creative thinking because then your brain starts working hard at making a piece that will help you to make good decisions.

This also means that you will start to think about things you don’t usually do when you’re drawing. How do you figure out what to draw? (I don’t mean to go back to the drawing lesson, just to give you a little extra inspiration!) But you should also do some research about things that may give you inspiration to start drawing. The following is one suggestion that I’ve found works well for drawing:

You can go to some good art websites like www.nps.gov/cad/art/search.html. You can also use the website www.americanscience.org. They have a search box at the top, right by the logo, which

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