What is the best way to learn to draw? – Painting Sea In Acrylics

The more that I have learned by practicing on paper (hand drawing) I think I can now draw by doing sketches and in practice it turns out it is better to do both simultaneously. I do a lot of sketches on paper.

How do you use pencil and watercolor in your art? What are the effects you get with each?
Hands-On with Finger Paints, Balls, and Textured Baggies ...

If I am drawing very fine lines I will use pencil. If I am drawing a fine, thin line it will be in charcoal, and there will no way to use this without use of a brush (since I am working with charcoal). If I’m working in ink and water I will use watercolor.

You are very prolific. Do you have any other goals that you have in life?

I have a dream to be a fashion designer (by making unique, yet traditional, clothes) and make them more affordable and more accessible to all. We need clothes at every age, every body, every socioeconomic area, and in every place. I want to make clothes that allow people to change the way they look to help change the world.

How are you making friends in the world of indie and alternative art? What would you say are your best and worst habits?

When I was first starting I went out with friends to a local bar. What was fun was that it got really loud, like super loud. We were trying to get some laughs before we went to stay in a hotel for another night. So I told the hotel clerk that I wouldn’t be needing an ID to get out because I didn’t want to go out to bars all the time. So there was still a couple people that didn’t understand the rules, but they didn’t realize that I wasn’t leaving.

I was sitting by my car, drinking a bottle of wine, and they were saying it’s not illegal to be out, right? So if you get out there and are sober, is it not ok? After I tell them that I am a drinker and I don’t care about going to the hospital to get back drunk, one guy actually yelled at me from the street about how I wouldn’t get arrested for going to the bar. It seemed so petty that I could see how people could misconstrue things, but they were also making fun of me for being so loud and all, not realizing I was talking to a stranger after drinking. So that’s where the conversation ended. It was awkward, but it was my first conversation about drinking that

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