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We would all rather know about the best way to learn a new skill on the best forum on earth. But as in the case of anything worthwhile, practice is more than just what you do for pleasure; it’s what you do because it makes you better. Achieving a skill like drawing is often something that takes years of work, so to get it to stick, you don’t need to have been an expert all along, it just needs to be fun and a challenge to you. As for taking a break, you have a choice. You can spend all weekend drawing, or you can work on your art and be productive during the week – both will do you good, don’t you think?

The difference between good drawing and good art is the ability to learn fast – we could be taught to draw in a day using a drawing machine, but the faster it is learnt the more it will stick, and if you can work at it for days at a time when you know nothing about any of the art style the technique will become second nature. Good art is like anything, hard work, practice and perseverance will get us where we want to be.

What advice would you give to new artists?

The best advice would be to start small, if at all possible; find a drawing style and make some simple images which look appealing, and the harder it gets, the better it will be. If you are serious about learning to draw – then make sure you always do some light practice. The harder it gets, the more you will see changes in your work, your drawing style and the quality of your final work.

Good quality practice will make you more consistent and give you a sense of progress every time it happens. If you want it to change over time, then do a set of drawings with one style and work on a style you are not familiar with.
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How do you decide what type sketch to produce, how many to use, etc?

In the beginning it is best to do a simple sketch, then move on to a more complex piece if you want the finished illustration to be anything like your earlier sketches.

Is there anywhere you like to draw in? What do you prefer?

I am obsessed with my sketches, and it is the best part of drawing – to be in a place where you can move freely without any worries about having something wrong with your drawing.

You drew this: A drawing of you talking to your children while lying

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