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It isnt a safe site. There are so many phobias that it is hard to find real knowledge. The only thing to be advised is do not be a stranger with another person, we all know what happens when you are not socializing. All the best!”

“Well, your post is very interesting, and I agree I think this is a real danger. The Internet is a very bad place for everyone. You have to avoid the Internet at all costs.”

“We’ve tried going through with the transfer, but I’m so afraid to do so, that I’d still be living on the street, eating shit, and sleeping under bridges. Not to mention that even if that would happen, I’d still be losing my job.”

“We are working on this, and hope to start in a few months, once we’ve secured a place to live.”

“You have really good insight into the issue. I just want to warn other women that this is a real issue that many women face. I myself would like to stop using this website.”

The site was taken down later that day by a request from the Swedish police.

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The New York City Police Department is still searching for the man seen on video robbing and beating a man to death in Queens on New Year’s Day. And he’s facing a murder charge.

The suspect, who was not identified, is seen beating the victim before robbing and running down the street after the victim was beaten in broad daylight on New Year’s Eve, NYPD said.
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“The entire incident was captured on surveillance camera in an area where many people congregate,” police spokesman Paul Browne said.

Officers were unable to speak with the suspect in the middle of the street, but he left in one taxi cab after being apprehended.

One of the suspects was seen on an area surveillance camera as police pursued several suspects on foot toward a residential area, where the victim’s body was found in a secluded area near a tree.

“There is no evidence indicating a suspect’s connection to this crime and there is no further threat to city residents,” Browne said. “This is an attack and a robbery.”

Browne said it was an “extremely violent crime,” but the details of the crime were unclear. He said police don’t believe the victim was struck on purpose or with a weapon.

Police released video surveillance from a nearby

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