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And from another thread:

“I just moved there and it was nice to have a free-spirited city full of life.”

So I went.

In my previous posts on The City, I’ve already provided some tips to get you by the front door and to avoid falling prey to the numerous traps they’ve put in place throughout the city. But if you’re a little unsure, here are my thoughts:

* I should probably take the time tonight (Wednesday night) to look through this guide. I think this is probably the most comprehensive guide there is on the interweb and I would love to be able to share it with people that are new to The City.

* Before you go, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that The City can be full of people. They’re often drunk, loud, obnoxious or just plain ugly. They have to try hard to appear nice on camera or face a ban immediately, but be mindful of people outside those boundaries. Also, there are things that can put you in a bad mood. These include:

* Getting lost. It is best to stay a few blocks behind the curb in case things get muddy or you fall and get hurt or worse. You can call it a “Dot” or “Tick-Tock” if you like. Just don’t fall into the River Street River or into the River Street River’s River Walk or River Walk.

* Traffic. If you’re stuck on one side of an intersection, expect another car to show up and block your route with an oncoming driver or just be rude.

* Being caught cheating. The whole point here is to not get caught cheating or any kind of cheating. It seems to me that many places in the city are so cheater-heavy that it’s not worth the risk. Be smart and use your common sense.

* Drunk drivers. If you see a drunk driver trying to overtake you or a drunk driver on the road who appears to be in a serious accident, pull over and politely ask to wait. If everyone behind you is a drunk driver, it can put you in a very dangerous situation. Don’t let it get away.

All in all, The City can be a pretty cool city to spend time in. Some highlights:

* You can literally spend the evening in a pub in The City. I had a great time going out at The City.

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