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How will skillshare work?

We’re asking this question because you may be wondering how this program works. Below you can find our in-depth explanation of what’s the deal…

Skillshare: The Program

The program is simple. You and your spouse are eligible to earn and contribute to some portion of the wages your business is paid. You get to decide how much that wages is, and it will be your choice whether you’re earning it, giving it away, paying someone else to contribute or keeping your money — or all of it.

What you do with all that money will depend on what is best for your individual business. Do you earn all that money and then give it away through some form of charity, or do you share it up between you? There’s no right answer, but you choose one or the other with no minimums imposed.

The amount you get is what is called a “service fee.” If your income goes up significantly as a result of the program, your company can benefit from having a greater share of your wage or salary — something that will enable it to grow and grow. On average, those who participate in the program will get a percentage of your wages that represents a proportion of your total wages — at least 15% if you do a full year for the program. This means you’ll get a share the greater the income increase, and you’ll see your benefits accrue over time.

There are few restrictions on how much you can earn. At the outset, your employer is responsible for the first 4% of your wages — but the more you earn, the more percentage you’ll get. The higher you get, the more share you’ll get in the beginning. But if you’re earning $50 per hour, for example, you don’t earn $50 every 15 minutes — you’ll earn $350 every 15 minutes. If you earn $60 per hour, you’ll receive just $120 per 15 minutes… or $1,200 per quarter. So as your income increases you get more of an increase.

And once you hit the maximum amount you’ll receive an additional $1 on top of that if your company is earning more than $1 million a year.

How Much Will You Make?

At the outset, we’ll say you’ll probably make between the maximum 4% and the maximum 14% of your wages, or whatever is greater than that in your region.

At the same time, we’ve

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