Is painting easier than drawing? – Free Online Drawing Classes For Beginners

Yeah it’s definitely easier. It’s like watching a film or something like that. With the film I could only think about the action, but painting I have to look at a whole picture from both ends, and imagine it.

Do you feel that you have more freedom to do that now?

Yeah totally. I mean I can play with the rules, but I have the right to play with them, and be as creative as I want – it’s like when I was 15 I wanted to make one of these amazing illustrations.

And how do you go about being creative during the day when you’re at work?

Well in the morning I get myself out of the house, go on the computer and try to think about different ways of painting something or creating something that I want. At the same time I like to go to the beach, I like to go to the cinema, and go on the bike. I have to do both, because at the same time my day is not balanced because on the computer I’m also working with other people, you know?

So for instance, in the house I do some writing, when I try to think about something and I get bored on the computer I go to the beach, that’s my second place to be. And when I come to the beach it’s also the second place for something else.

I’m also a big fan of surfing as well, surfing on the beach is really fun, when I’m not working I like to go surfing. I don’t surf in the morning, but at the same time I like to get away from it all and just enjoy myself.

Do you like to go for days without doing anything, or is it more a matter of getting a workout? What do you like the best way to get a good workout?

I actually prefer an afternoon or evening swim. I don’t even have to do anything special: all I do is a simple warm up – then I put a towel at the end of the pool, and I start doing it. All the other stuff I don’t do, so I can try new stuff without doing the same thing. I like to do something else.

What kind of work do you like to do?

I like to do drawing, I love to do my hand-painted posters – that’s a big part of my job sometimes, I also paint and sculpt a lot of my own stuff.

What do you do for

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