Is painting easier than drawing? – Free Online Art Classes For Beginners Uk

Not really. To illustrate this let me tell you about what I saw when I started painting.

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The first step I took is to sketch out an idea, a general idea. I will describe here what I came up with. I like to think that I have a better grasp of my concepts now than I did at the start. You might be surprised how many different ideas I had when I started painting. This is usually because things are more complex then I remember them being. It happens.
I will outline my ideas here. I know that there will be plenty of differences. I will also mention that I think that is the best way to go about this. In the beginning you will work one way for a while until you have something you can say “Yeah, this is a good idea”. That is what I did. I didn’t start painting until about two of the sketches I made were complete. Once I had that sketch complete, I began on the final painting, and kept doing this until I had finished it. When it comes to painting I usually start looking into areas that I have already painted before. Usually I have an idea for one spot. If one isn’t good enough, I go get some more.
I think one of the main things to remember about painting is that it is never too late. I learned that when I was in high school. I was on the way to achieving “Perfection”. We think that it is always too late when we start painting because it always takes us so long, but I believe painting is always right around the corner. Painting is always waiting.  
As you complete your work, ask yourself if you are satisfied with it. Try to find something you would like to see better, or something that you wish you had done in that space. When you can find those moments, you will find the best thing you can do in painting. Painting is never as easy as it seems.
If someone asked me how long I would take to paint my final portrait, I would say that this takes quite a little time. However, I was never satisfied until my final artwork appeared, and that piece still draws my audience today, and inspires other people. I feel very happy and satisfied when I can say “Wow, this one looks really good”. I know that when I get to the end of my process that I really have painted what I set out to

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