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If you want to be a better artist and a better writer, you need to be self-motivated, enthusiastic, and self-supported and you should be working from a place that offers you a reasonable amount of money for the duration of your commitment.

If you want to make a living, you should be writing and illustrating for money and to meet a higher standards of quality. I think that’s how it should be.

But maybe you’re not so sure that getting paid for your art is a good idea. Maybe you have your own ideas about what would go well with money and you’d like to experiment with different ideas before committing to either. Maybe you have artistic integrity and you have to make a hard decision if you really want to keep your own work self-contained, but you also want to have another outlet like comics and/or novels to help you keep writing and drawing.

It’s important to understand that a writer’s job is not just about making a living — it’s about being an inspiration to others. A lot of artists are making a living by writing. The difference is in how much. And if it’s a job that involves a lot of writing, your life just might not be very good.

Are there professional artists out there who you can borrow their ideas and techniques, borrow their work methods, borrow their way of thinking, and maybe borrow a small part of your inspiration and your passion? If so, can you find them?

Yes. That’s right. There are talented artists everywhere, as anyone can see on the internet. One of the best, one of the great, one of the most prolific, and one who I actually worked with when I was younger — he was one of the first people that I really felt confident working for.
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Some might not realize that these artists’ work is free. They’re not in a situation to charge royalties or to make a profit. In fact, many of these artists are self-sustaining by being paid what they can get for their work, which sometimes means drawing a comic book or doing an illustration for money.

Many great artists are taking advantage of these opportunities, though. If you’re interested in drawing, a comic, an illustration, painting or any other form of art, it’s time to start looking for good artists out there. The artists we’d like to see writing comics are the artists who are willing to accept payment for the art they contribute. The same applies to the artists working

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