Is painting a good hobby? – Matt Fussell

I do not wish to paint as I see that it can be considered a profession in some societies such as the British Government. But for those who want to paint at least it can be considered a good hobby that is free of risk. With painting a hobby there are certain requirements, not only of time but also money. Some painting studios have their own set of tools and have to be paid for by the client. Others are freelancers but usually they are paid at an hourly rate and they have no knowledge of a certain technique. Others do not have any tools and their clients must provide them. I prefer the latter.

How did you find painting in the 90’s?

I began painting in 1994 at the age of 18 with a few paintings on paper. When I left the art school at the age of 17 I did not know how to paint so I tried various different techniques to start painting. I never went to a proper studio that would paint your canvas like a gallery would, so everything has to be done manually. I learned to paint by hand because I wanted to see that every bit of art I did was done on time. After 2 to 3 years of painting I became quite good at it and I bought an art print in the UK in 2005. I also visited some of the most beautiful galleries in the UK, such as The Tate Gallery in London or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. I bought a cheap pen ink pen as well because it was free and it had a good water like consistency. I would write, draw and paint on this pen for hours at a time and always try to improve my work.

Who should painting to admire?

It would be interesting to look at the art and paintings of the artists who painted in the past and the art of the artists who are working today.

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Who is a painter that you should never forget?

It is a question that I often think as when I paint, I forget things about them. I am always thinking about how I should paint their work or how I can improve it. If you look closely at their work you will notice that they have many tricks they used. I always want to improve and when I saw such a painting at The Tate I could not stop myself from giving it a new look. When I paint they are always fresh, in the air and I wish that the canvas never feels stale if I leave it in the studio for too long. I have some old paintings I bought in London but I have

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