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How can I create beauty without the aid of Photoshop? Here are some tips that will help create your very own masterpiece.

1. Paint Yourself

I’m not joking when I say that this tip is really important as a painter. You want the finished portrait to be really good. That means you need to master your brushes and the technique.

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2. Paint In Black and White

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This should be fairly obvious but most people are not familiar with black and white. It is the most powerful, realistic and beautiful color available for our eyes to see. By painting out the entire scene with black and white, you can get a really nice look at your painting.

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3. Use an Appropriate Background

The most versatile background possible is black and white. The other options are very thin. The best way to create a black and white artwork is to combine the two techniques. One is to paint your background black and the other the foreground with a few different shades of colors. This will allow your background to be dark yet not too dark. You’ll never see your artwork from black and white so you won’t mind the colors.

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4. Use the Brush

This tip may be old and outdated but it’s still really important. I mean really really important. The most important tip is to use a good brush, a sharp one. Use a dry brush if you don’t have a brush. The best way to do this is to use it while painting your artwork, then let it dry or wait it completely dry. Use a brush with a nice soft grip is the best way to use a brush.

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5. Use a Poster

There are many different types of posters and some of them are very very pretty. If you don’t have enough cash to buy a great poster, you can always use a picture from Instagram or your personal image stream. Try to try to find interesting posters using different ideas. Keep each poster fresh even if you get used to it. Be creative, keep looking!

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6. Don’t be Afraid To Get Rid Of Something

You’re doing a painting so be proud of

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