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Certifications are not valid for any purpose other than as a form of identification or as proof of your driver’s license. For further information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need to provide proof if I’m not a driver?

It is your responsibility to establish identity documents acceptable to the state licensing authority and to submit supporting documentation in order to validate your identity in order to purchase insurance.

What is the purpose of the verification process?

The purpose of this verification process is to establish certain eligibility to purchase insurance. Once the verification process has been completed and your driver’s license or ID are acceptable to the issuing department, you will be offered the choice of the applicable service tier. These are a list of available services, and we encourage you to explore them as you consider which is the right one for you.

Who does the verification process involve?

The verification process is primarily designed around making a series of visits with the driver, to:

Verify your identity

Verify your driving history

Verify any criminal history or violations

Verify any additional driving experience you might have (such as the number of miles driven)

If you have additional questions (for example, what additional documents are acceptable while purchasing insurance), you may be able to find answers via our Frequently Asked Questions and/or a referral from a driver. We will work with you and, to the extent we are able, assist you in selecting the appropriate service tier in order to obtain the services you desire to insure.

How should I proceed when I think I may be eligible?

If you are interested in the service tier of your choice, you can:

Visit the DMV web site. There must be a driver and the driver’s identity to verify you’re eligible to purchase insurance. Check for the “Verification” option (click on the “Verification” option). In the “Required Documents:” section, make sure that the name/address shown in the “Verification” is the correct address.

If the “Verification” option does not appear, try a few different addresses. We do not verify you are eligible if your ID is expired, expired with no signatures or stolen.

Click here to view our checklist of recommended documents.

Where do I go to fill out the Form 16-1330?

It must be completed prior to your trip. You will receive a call to notify you of your availability to

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